BWS Committees

Each officer has a set of committees that run various activities within the section. 

SWE-BWS Committee Descriptions

Awards (President) - Each year SWE provides recognition to its members on both the individual and Section basis. Individual awards include Distinguished New Engineer, Distinguished Engineering Educator, Achievement, Entrepreneur, Rodney Chipp, Upward Mobility, and Fellow. Section awards are given for educational and professional programs, communications (publicity, website, and newsletter), upward mobility (diversity), and membership. The Awards Committee is responsible for identifying members for the individual awards and submitting the applications on their behalf, as well as identifying the Section award applications to be submitted by the appropriate Section officers.

DCCEAS Representatives (President) - SWE-BWS is a member of the DC Council of Engineering and Architectural Sciences (DCCEAS). With the membership we have two representative positions. Those representatives attend meetings of DCCEAS, providing information to the member societies about BWS activities, and providing BWS with information about theirs.

Nominating (President) - The Nominating Committee members select the best qualified candidates for each of the SWE-BWS Executive Council offices and prepares the ballot for the yearly election. One chair for this position is needed, with 2-3 committee members. The chair of this committee is appointed by the Executive Council and may not run for election while on this committee.

Programs (VP Professional Development) – The Programs Committee coordinates the monthly membership meetings. The format of the meetings can be individual speakers or panel discussions, and include joint events with other engineering societies. Two co-chairs of this committee are needed: one for VA/DC and one for MD. The co-chairs create the meeting notice as well as oversee the speaker and location selection, meeting cost, and collection of RSVPs. Committee members can participate in the following ways:

  • Be a speaker coordinator for one of our monthly meetings
  • Be a location coordinator for one of our monthly meeting
  • Work with your employer to host or sponsor a meeting
  • Collect the RSVPs for a meeting
  • Help at the registration table at a meeting

Networking Lunches (VP Professional Development) - The Regional Networking Lunches coordinator focuses on organizing collective gatherings situated at the varying regions within the Metro area and those that focus on topics that help SWE members draw from the experiences of other members. These are informal gatherings where members gather to network with each other, exchange ideas, get industry advice, and share experiences. They are held at locations throughout the SWE-BWS membership area. These events include lunches and evening get-togethers.

Social Events (VP Professional Development) - The Regional Social Events coordinator focuses on organizing collective gatherings situated at the varying regions within the Metro area and those that focus on meeting SWE members in a social atmosphere. These are informal gatherings where members gather to network with each other, learn more about each other. They are held at locations throughout the SWE-BWS membership area. These events include evening or weekend get-togethers and family events such as picnics, plays, tours, and seasonal gatherings.

Seminars (VP Professional Development) – The Seminar coordinator focuses on organizing the half-day seminar(s). The format of the seminars can be individual speakers or panel discussions, and include collaboration with other societies on a joint event. The coordinator is responsible for creating the seminar notice as well as overseeing the speaker(s) and location selection, seminar cost, and collection of RSVPs. Additional members can be added to this activity if desired by the coordinator, and can assist with the following:

  • Be a speaker coordinator
  • Be a location coordinator
  • Work with your employer to host or sponsor the seminar
  • Collect the RSVPs
  • Help at the registration table

Corporate Relations (VP Professional Development) – This position is the liaison to local companies as well as government agencies. The liaison solicits companies for corporate membership as well as financial support for BWS activities. She also coordinates brown bag lunches at businesses and government agencies to publicize SWE. There will be an ambassador from each company who will communicate with the Corporate Relations chair.

E-week Family Day (VP Outreach) – This position coordinates our participation in the annual Engineers Week (E-week) Family Day event held at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. The liaison’s main focus is on planning the SWE-BWS activity at the event. She may attend E-week Committee meetings for coordination of experiments with other organizations.

Girl Scouts (VP Outreach) – This position coordinates with the National Girl Scout Council and local troops to earn badges by participating in various hands-on experiments. Two badge days are usually held, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Science Fairs (VP Outreach) – This position coordinates our participation in the special judge category at area science fairs. The Baltimore-Washington Section usually supports four science fairs annually, two in Northern Virginia and two in the Maryland/Baltimore area. Typically student participation includes grades 7-12th with exhibits ranging from engineering and computer science to chemistry, physics, and environmental science. One of the greatest benefits to the student participants is the opportunity to discuss projects and topics of mutual interest with engineers and scientists from professional organizations. It is also a great opportunity for Section members to meet with local aspiring engineers and scientists.

Scholarships (VP Outreach) – The Scholarship committee coordinates the SWE-BWS yearly scholarships and identifies other scholarship programs, including judging the SWE National Scholarship Awards Program.

Collegiate Section Liaison (VP Outreach) – This position coordinates communication between BWS-area collegiate sections and SWE-BWS. The liaison ensures that all area schools are aware of SWE-BWS activities, promotes networking amongst the area’s collegiate sections, and assists with SWE questions that may arise.

School Outreach (K-12) (VP Outreach) – This position coordinates site visits with local schools by BWS members. The visit is usually for a class or group, and incorporates speaking about engineering as well as a hands-on activity with the students. An outreach kit is available for use by those volunteering.

Archives (Section Reps) – This position collects and maintains the Section archives, which include meeting minutes, Section and member publicity, and award packages. The BWS archives are currently located at the Historic Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD. Periodic reprinting of archived articles in the Section newsletter may also be done.

Bylaws (Section Reps) – This position ensures that the section is in good standing with Bylaws and works with the Region level to submit revisions to the section bylaws.

Email Communications (Section Reps) – This position maintains the SWE-BWS distribution list and sends out weekly announcements regarding SWE, BWS, and/or other professional organization announcements. Invitations to new members to join the distribution list are also sent periodically. Estimated time commitment is 1-2 hours per week. An additional 2 hours is required quarterly to perform maintenance on the distribution list to identify members vs. non-members.

Membership (Section Reps) – (Includes Member Involvement, Membership Mailings, and Member Recruiting) The Membership committee handles all tasks and sponsors programs associated with the goals of member recruitment, retention, and services. These activities include membership administration, and preparing packets for new and potential members. One chair of the committee is needed. The membership committee chair is responsible for maintaining the SWE-BWS membership database and preparing labels for mailings. She also sends a welcome packet to new members. Committee members can participate in the following ways:

  • provide member information packets at monthly meetings and networking events
  • organize a lunch for new members to learn more about BWS
  • contact new members, welcoming them to the Section and answering questions about the Section
  • collect attendance information for BWS events

Audit (Treasurer) – The audit committee ensures that the Baltimore-Washington Section conducts an audit of its accounting each year. The audit for each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) is to be completed by January 31 of the following calendar year. The yearly audit will consist of a review of the Section financial books, with a full audit being conducted every 3-4 years. The Audit Committee should consist of the auditor (member or external firm) and the current treasurer. If the current treasurer also served as treasurer during the year(s) to be audited/reviewed, an additional member will be appointed the liaison between the Section and the auditor.

Financial Strategy (Treasurer) – This committee convenes every five years to review the Section’s financial policies and status. Recommendations for changes in the policies and handling of the Section’s finances are then presented to the Executive Council for review.

Fundraising (Treasurer) - This committee researches and organizes fundraising events and activities for the section’s scholarship program and other outreach activities.

Newsletter Editor (Secretary) - The newsletter editor compiles all articles and advertisements for the monthly BWS newsletter, and then coordinates the printing with the chosen print vendor. The newsletter is published 10 times a year, from September through June. Estimated time commitment is 4-6 hours per month.

Tellers (Secretary) - The Tellers Committee is responsible for receiving and tabulating the ballots for Section elections. The tellers committee consists of at least two (2) members of the Section, in good standing. All members of the committee must be present when tabulating the votes of an election.

Community Outreach (Secretary) - One of SWE's main objectives is to expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life. To promote this objective, SWE-BWS actively encourages its members to perform community service. Community service is a great way to promote leadership, contribute to a worthy cause and have a great time. The Community Relations committee recognizes individual member involvement within the community at monthly meetings and in the BWS newsletter. She may also coordinate BWS member participation as a group at community events. Examples of BWS Community Relations activities include: Race for the Cure, Toy for Tots Drive, Dress for Success Clothing Drive, DC Central Kitchen, etc

Website (Secretary) - The BWS Webmaster updates the site to include the latest information about upcoming SWE-BWS events as well as links to Region and National SWE events. The website is also updated periodically to ensure the site serves the SWE-BWS membership as a resource for women in engineering. Estimated time commitment is 1-2 hours per week.

Please contact to volunteer or inquire about positions.

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