Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering!!

Below are a list of volunteer tasks. You can specify your task preferences on the registration form.

Sign-in volunteers will work the sign-in tables and handle the student and parent as they come in. You may be asked to direct registration traffic or sit at the table and check everyone in. Sign-in is only from 8:30-10, so you will be assigned another task as well.

Group Guide:
You will be paired with the same group of girls the entire day and lead them to each activity. You will also be involved with helping them with the activity and participating. Group guides will also run the puff mobile intro activity during registration. We are looking for enthusiastic and outgoing group guides! You must be an all day volunteer to be a group guide.

Activity Host:
You will host the same activity throughout the day and have different groups of girls rotate through your activity. You will be paired with an activity that most closely matches your field of engineering. You will need to be able to present the activity to the girls and help them with the activity. We are looking for activity hosts that are excited about their field of engineering and eager to have an influence on these girls. You will also need to keep track of the activity time to stay on schedule.

PEP Host: You will be with the Parent and Educator group the whole day and help with the Parent/Educator activities and speakers. This is a great position for someone who wants to volunteer for the event but also gain some valuable information on how to encourage girls to pursue careers in science and engineering.

The runner can do just about any task that needs to be done. You may resupply materials to the activity rooms, help set-up for lunch, help with activities, guide girls who may need help. You do not need to be outgoing for this job, just willing to help out with the unexpected!

Volunteer Coordination:
Guide volunteers as they show up to the event, help introduce them to their activity, answer questions about what they should be doing, make sure volunteers have something to do, handle the morning/afternoon volunteer shift and be a point of contact for volunteers to approach on the day of the event.

Goodie Bag Handout/ Dismissal: Hand out goodie bags as the girls are exiting and work sign-out tables.

We need one or two people to take pictures the whole day throughout the event and provide to wow committee. You will need to bring your own camera and this may require a little work after the event is over.

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